Congregational Watershed Manual (Interreligious Edition)

Congregational Watershed Manual (Interreligious Edition)


This inspiring and practical manual, from the Interreligious perspective, is your guide to effective watershed stewardship.

By connecting your congregation with the water that flows in, under, and above your local landscape—your watershed—you can become part of the solution to achieve clean water for humanity and healthier ecosystems.

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This manual provides direction and insights on:

    • How to grow leadership in your congregation while becoming watershed stewards
    • Spiritual basis for water awareness
    • How to create waterside worship events
    • How to learn while having fun on the water!
    • Step by step instructions to become water quality monitors
    • How to take positive political action

Introducing Vermont Interfaith Power & Light’s Watershed Manuals

We live in a watershed moment for the planet and for religious congregations. The threatening planetary water crisis demands a strong response. Congregations who engage in water-focused activities, education, and worship respond faithfully to the need to care for Earth and its waters, and they become engaged community leaders. They promote awareness and actions to care for local watersheds and thus play a part in ameliorating worldwide water justice issues. All religions value and promote awareness of water. Congregation members deepen in their faith by becoming leaders in watershed care.

In 2018, Vermont Interfaith Power and Light (VTIPL) joined with local organizations to create a model for watershed stewardship, based on the experience of Ascension Lutheran Church in South Burlington, Vermont. VTIPL has created two manuals:

  • one with a Christian emphasis, Congregational Watershed Discipleship Manual: Faith Communities as Stewards of the World’s Waters (1st Christian edition)
  • and another with an inter-religious emphasis, Congregational Watershed Manual: Religious Communities as Stewards of the World’s Waters (1st Interreligious edition).

These inspiring and practical 40-page manuals are available by free download from the three websites listed below. High resolution print copies, spiral bound to conveniently lie flat, may be ordered from the organization Voices of Water for Climate (VOW), which is working with us to educate and spread the word about the need for watershed care.

VTIPL has arranged for VOW to take orders and distribute high resolution and bound printed versions of the manuals. Donations to VOW are much appreciated to cover the costs incurred by VTIPL and VOW, including the printing, shipping and handling. There are low resolution FREE pdf versions of the manuals are posted on these websites:

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    content is freely available online).  These published and bound versions of the Manuals are made available as a convenience to our donors.
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