Water, Land and Climate – The Critical Connection

Water, Land and Climate – The Critical Connection


This book is part of the Storm Water and Landscapes Education (SWALE) focus of The Valley Green Journal, a free monthly newsletter basedin the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire (USA). The purpose of SWALE is to provide local to global resources for ecologically responsible action addressing the critical importance of retaining stormwater (rainwater and snowmelt) in our landscapes. SWALE will also assist stormwater professionals, watershed activists and other citizens in forming productive networks.

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Water, Land and Climate– The Critical Connection:
How We Can Rehydrate Landscapes Locally To Renew Climates Globally
Written and edited by Jan Lambert

Water restoration is the key to climate restoration With almost 100 pages of articles, photos and illustrations contributed by approximately 20 contributors from around the globe, this book shows how simply retaining rainwater in soil and plants can work to restore landscapes and climates that
have been degraded through poor water management. From homeowners, farmers, and foresters, to entire communities,we can all help to renew local water cycles that are essential for our climates, and for humanity and all life on Earth.

A publication of Stormwater and Landscapes Education (SWALE),
a division of The Valley Green Journal.

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