We offer the VOW Store to help you find quality print books and other items that reflect the mission of Voices of Water for Climate. Some of these items you will not find anywhere else online!

  • Items in “VoW Donation Store” section are thank you gifts for specified minimum donations,
  • Items in “VoW Recommends” section are items for sale through friends of VoW and part of proceeds will be donated to Voices of Water for each sale

Voices of Water Donation Store

All purchases for the books below are considered as donations for the amount of the book. Feel free to add more to the purchase amount. We very much appreciate your patronage and donation!

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Items included in the “VoW Donation Store” are “thank you” gifts to choose at designated minimum donation levels; needed to cover costs, while providing support to Voices of Water for Climate.

Some items are considered 100% tax deductible donations and others may require an adjustment based on the item’s taxable value. See the bottom section of each item page for specifics related to that item. 

Please keep a copy of your order confirmation for your tax records, any individual direct donation or “cart – full” of thank you item eligible donations greater than $250 will receive a separate donation acknowledgement letter closer to tax time.

Questions, concerns or interested in larger quantities? Please email us at or through the “Contact Us” page on our homepage.

Thank you for your voice of support to our Voices of Water! For direct donations (without a “thank you” gift) please follow this “Donate” button link below.

Every Drop Counts!! We accept donations via credit card (or from your PayPal account) through our ‘PayPal Here’ setup.

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